GENIUS Architectural Walls by SWC

Superior Design
Specify frames in anodized aluminium, veneer or powdercoat paint. Select single-glazed or double-glazed glass panels; add blinds for privacy. Finish the look with panels in fabric, vinyl, powdercoat paint, veneer or a writable/erasable surface.
Clever Acoustics
With an unprecedented Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 44-48 on solid panels.

Environmentally Friendly
Genius walls comply with the U.S. Building Council's Green Building Design and LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and the Environment Design). Genius walls support your green design :

  • Up to 99% recyclable, post-consumer (see chart)
  • Up to 71% recyclable, pre-manufacturing
  • Up to 99% reusable (see chart) – and, only 4.5 basic parts, the lowest of all wall products
  • Inexpensive glass panels to maximize daylighting
  • GreenGuard tested and approved for low VOC emissions
  • Powercoat paint and anodized finishes, which also emit low VOC levels
You make the rules. We make the rest.
Of course SWC solutions work better for you. They're made for you. No one pays more attention to customer needs than we do. We don't design our furniture to win awards (even though it does). We don't rely on one-size-fits-all solutions (even though they would make our life easier). We find out what the market needs. And, we make it. The same applies to our service, distribution... everything we do. SWC solutions work, because we're working for you.
SWC Demountable Partition
The SWC demountable partition has a really clean, simple design that responds to all the different needs.
Client List
University of Texas – School of Nursing • Princeton University • Aberdeen High School • National Institutes of Health • Security Exchange Commission • Department of Transportation – Airports • Census Bureau • Corixa • Baxter • Capital One • Citadel Investments • Associated Press Microsoft ABN Amro • Siemens • UBS • Boston Scientific
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