The design of intelligent modern buildings requires today most flexible solutions following both architectural as well as functional issues.
Modular access floors are nowadays the state of the art in all modern office and administration buildings worldwide.
The high density NORIT calcium sulphate panels are manufactured with selected raw materials in a patented single pulse pressing procedure. This combination guarantees a constant hign product quality. As mineral binding agent we use high-quality alphahemihydrate. Only nontoxic, unbleached cellulose fibres of primary and secondary cellulose are used as reinforcing material. This enables us to manufacture a product of constant superior quality. The panel can be supplied with or without an edge band (dependent from the floor covering applied). The underside may be additionally lined with galvanized steel sheet or aluminium foil.
Fire resistance
The steadily increasing demand of using incombustible materials to reduce the fire load in the buildings makes the NORIT Calcium Sulphate Access Floor a most valuable solution offering both functional as well as safety advantages.
Superior fire resistance ae well as a high degree of comfort are the main features of the NORIT Calcium Sulphate Access Floor - a most intelligent solution.
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