7. Electrical Continuity and Electrostatic Properties
Complied to IEE Regulations (< 0.2 ohm) by connection of copper eyelet on gasket of pedestal to GMS at bottom of panel. Complied to the electrical resistance requirement by conductive core (1 x 10⁸ ohms) and anti-static HPL.
8. Acoustic Properties
Sound reduction index (horizontal) DIN 52210: 52 dB (without covering)
Sound reduction index (vertical) DIN 52210: 64 dB (without covering)
Impact sound level index (horizontal) DIN 52210: 63 dB (without covering)
Impact sound reduction index (vertical) DIN 52210: 19 dB (without covering)
Remark: test results correspond to partition wall lay on raised access floor without sound barrier underneath.
9. Unique Properties
Fully primered core - not only resistant to humidity, but also wetness (sprinkler).
Fully primered core - prevent dust generation during air plenum application and so absolutely harmless to health.
Fully primered core - penetrated into calcium sulphate as permanent protection while aluminum foil may be damaged.
Conductive core - ensure electrostatic properties without the need of conductive edge trim and conductive adhesive.
Melamine edge trim - self-extinguishing & creaking free for excellent walk-on-comfort.
10. Green Product
IBR Certificate (German Standard) for safety use to organic livings and ecological building materials.
VOC Emission - complied to HK Green Label requirement (ASTM 5116-97) and International Standard ISO 16000.
11. Unique Warranty
Up to 30 years limited joint warranty for materials & workmanship by manufacturer and authorized applicator.
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