Design and Manufactured in Germany
1. Manufacturer
MERO-TSK International GmbH & Co. KG is founded in 1928 with 20,000 employees and EURO 3,000 millions turnover in 2004. The founder, Dr. Mengeringhausen, is the inventor of space frame structures that allow the construction of wide-span lightweight structures for roofs and facades. In 1972, MERO invented the raised access floor that replace the traditional concrete double floor. Over 3 million m² of raised floor had been installed for the past 30 years.
2. Sole Distributor and Authorized Applicator
Shun Wah Contracting Co., Ltd. (SWC) is an ISO 9001 certified company established in 1999, that specialized in design and installation of raised access floor system, underfloor service, metal ceiling, demountable partition and system furniture. The management and project team have over 15 years experience in calcium sulphate core, wood core and steel encapsulated cement infill raised access floor systems from Germany, UK, Italy, USA, Japan and China. Total area of application over 800,000 m².
3. Product
SWC-MERO Calcium Sulphate Core Type 6 GBB30 (31mm thick panel with GMS on top & bottom)
SWC-MERO Calcium Sulphate Core Type 6 GBB30 HPL (31.5mm thick panel with anti-static HPL on top & GMS on bottom)

Standard size: 600mm x 600mm
System weight: 52 kg/m² for finish floor height 250mm

Free Lay System: high density (1,500kg/m³) fiber reinforced calcium sulphate panel with self-extinguishing melamine edge trim, free lay-on all steel stringerless iT80 Pedestal sub-structure for FFH 50mm to 1000mm.

4. Loading Class
RAL-GZ941 - Load Class 2 (stringerless) PSA MOB - Medium Grade (stringerless)
Test Description Stringerless System Snap-on Stringer System
Concentrated Load (<2.5mm deflection) 4.5 KN over 25mm square 6.75 KN over 25mm square
Ultimate Concentrated Load 9 KN over 25mm square 13.5 KN over 25mm square
Uniform Distributed Load 20 KN/m² 30 KN/m²
Ultimate Uniform Distributed Load 40 KN/m² 60 KN/m²
Pedestal Axial Load (over the area of head vertically) 18 KN
Pedestal Axial Load (over 1/4 area of head vertically) 13.5 KN
Pedestal Horizontal Load (5N at pedestal head for free play) deformation <1.5mm over 340mm pedestal height
Pedestal Horizontal Load (270N at centre of pedestal head) deformation <1mm over 190mm pedestal height
Pedestrian Dynamic Load movement <1 mm (vertically and horizontally)
Soft (40 kg sand) & Hard Body (4.5 kg steel) Impact no collapse
Remark: stringer system shall be recommended for FFH 500mm or above.
5. Fire Resistance
DIN 4102: Part 1 - Building Materials Class, A2 (non-combustible)
DIN 4102: Part 2 - Fire Resistance, F30 (integrity, stability and insulation)
BS476: Part 6 & 7 - Fire Propagation and Surface Spread of Flame, Class 1
Remark: fire resistance of F30 - F90 would be achieved by core thickness 24mm to 48mm.
6. Air Leakage Rate
Pressure 2.5mm wg PSA MOB 60 liters/min./meter
Pressure 25mm wg PSA MOB 245 liters/min./meter
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