Worldwide network
Locals speak the language

The world market sees J.V.P. as a specialist manufacturer in raised access floors while understanding local differences.

To match the product to the local demand we have established a worldwide network of professional Distributors and Contractors.

They are our presence in the local markerts, helping us to develop the product to meet their client’s particular requirements and therefore, playing a major role in the customer satisfaction process.

The J.V.P.’s QA scheme requires us to approve our Distributors and Contractors based upon professionalism, technical capability, customer care and service orientated management.

Potential of future based on the acquired knowledge

The product is patented in more than 22 countries around the world and we believe it represents the best and simplest raised access floor solution.

It not only satisfies the demand for a light yet very robust product but also performs at its best as part of the construction process.
For example, it is frequently used as a working platform for other trades.

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